last-minute thoughts

I was supposed to fill this page with thoughts that go around my mind as i walk around the universe, but the year passed without much update. It may be because they just came and flew off all of a sudden.

To sum it up, this year is really full of frustrations. Mostly about career and social life. I felt that i was sucked by a black hole and got stuck inside, unable to figure things out.

This is quite hard. Moving on to next year. That is. Every sentence ends with either a question mark or ellipsis. It's hard to fill in the blanks.

But this is nothing serious. My life now is actually just a pause, a comma in the whole story. And there is a bigger paragraph, a chapter, i need to look for that will complete me, and you. And everyone else.

So help me God. Hb.

no space left

sometimes, i feel like that there is no more space left for me here to settle. Every season, every reason is a false promise. The good thing is i somehow managed to learn where to look.

things that matter

I used to be so enthusiastic about this side of life. But as i go along rediscovering the other side of the journey, it feels like that everything i used to wish or aspire for does not not make any sense at all. Sometimes when i do look at the online personalities of people i've met or have known in their names, i feel a tinge of envy, but i wake up and realize i'm lucky because i discovered things that are of great essence. Even if you do not look at it the same way. 

Aha! I still need to tread quite a long journey, but in the end i know i'll be in a happy place. Hb.

this August will soon fade

these rains and pains will soon be gone. When they come again, i know they'll again go. It's just how this world runs. A cycle.

100 reasons and so on...

when you think of reasons, your petition within becomes stronger.

squeezing in

I've been meaning to write something interesting, but  just couldn't. i deliberately want to be creative or something, but sometimes it feels like these things seem unnecessary or pointless. Maybe i need to be jotting all plans in my head and cross out those that are nuisance.


On another matter, there is this power that social media hold dragging us to feel belittled, envious, or sometimes antisocial knowing about the achievements or activities our "so-called" friends have. i don't know, maybe it's just me. if in real life i hear your story, it may be different. gah!


Please, please show up the blissful me.

out of place

there are just moments when you wish you're invisible. or just have the power to shut your ears for a while to not hear people squeal. blah