the poop of the matter is

I was anxious to go home this afternoon because i wanted to poop. We have a good toilet in the office really, but i have this problem that i can't take a dump easily outside (that is except when i am experiencing diarrhea). Sometimes, although i really feel that it is coming out when i go to the toilet, it just won't. Other people are lucky coz they do not experience such dilemma. But in my case, even when i am staying in a hotel or someone else's house, i just couldn't do it easily. And then i get constipated. I usually do it when i take a bath so others won't notice, or so the bathroom wouldn't smell shit. These days i'm really trying to lessen my meat intake, and eat more cereals, fruits, and veggies. That is because i am constipated most of the time and i want to regularly take a dump (in the morning), so i avoid troubled moments like what happened this afternoon coz somebody changed our padlock, and though i have the keys i couldn't get inside the house.

Now i'm free. Hb.